Persistent remote access to computers for employees, administrators, and executives.  Desk Echo allows you to connect to a server or desktop computer at any time, instantly and securely.

Similar to LogMein, Desk Echo is an enterprise remote desktop solution that gives you access to workstations with an easy-to-use admin interface.  When you log in as an administrator, you’ll instantly see a full list of your employee’s computers – and with a few clicks, you’ll be able to control their computer remotely.

Who is Desk Echo for?

  • For IT professionals that can provide support in an instant
  • For server administrators that require access to a server remotely
  • For executives and managers that need to monitor their employees
  • For sales representatives on the road that require access to their office or home computers

Multiple levels of admin access

Let’s say you have multiple departments that only need access to specific computers on your network.  With Desk Echo, you can specifically allow certain people to access only the computers that you want them to access.

Tiered Access Example:

  • IT Departments only have access to servers, sales reps, & human resources
  • Sales representatives only have access to their own devices
  • Executives have full access to all computers