Driven Element’s DNS filtering service is a 100% cloud based replacement for your company’s web filtering system.  It provides an easy and secure way to prevent your employees from visiting malicious and time-wasting websites.  In addition to that, DNS filtering prevents botnet attacks, malware, and provides threat detection.  Traditionally, IT consultants provide expensive in-house servers, software, and other hardware to provide these features.  Our service allows for all of this within the cloud. There’s no need for any in-office technology to be installed.

Restrict Access

The Internet is a cornerstone tool for every business, but can also reduce productivity. Not all employees are wasting time, but DNSFilter allows you to remove the temptation by allowing you to block access to certain domains or high bandwidth activities such as social media, gaming or steaming music sites.

Manage Bandwidth

By implementing DNS filtering on your network, you can control which categories or domains your users can access. This level of control allows you to block bandwidth intensive sites such as streaming media, peer to peer, file sharing or even access to copy written content. In addition to protecting network devices and users, DNS filtering allows you to free up valuable bandwidth to keep your business operating at lightning speed.

Instant Security

Traditionally, preventing malware and botnet attacks can be costly and labor intensive – requiring expensive hardware appliances deployed on site. With DNS Filter, this is a thing of the past. By using DNS Filter as your recursive DNS provider, we enable you to seamlessly add malware/threat detection and prevention capabilities in minutes.
DNS Filter uses dozens of data sources and global cloud threat intelligence in order to provide up to the minute data and prevention of threats on your network – even allowing you to deny further CnC (command and control) call backs when an infected device is introduced into your network.