Do you have scheduled meetings every week?  Do your meetings require employees that are out of the office to connect via a conference call?  If so, our instant conference bridge service is designed specifically for you.  The Driven Element instant conference bridge service allows your employees to connect with their team members through a conference call in less than a minute.

How it works:

Most of the time, conference bridge services will send you an email with a random phone number and PIN to connect to the call.  Our service skips this process by giving your company a dedicated phone number for conference call.  This allows your employees to connect to a conference call seamlessly – creating less confusion and downtime for all team members.

Who is this service for?

  • Project managers that need to meet with team members on a regular basis.
  • Managers that communicate with multiple sales representatives.
  • Employees that work with other off-site employees.
  • Employees that work from home.
  • Project managers that communicate with a group of customers frequently.